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Birthdate:Jul 12, 1987
Zoisite's first appearance in the anime was during Nephrite's first episode of planning to drain energy. He dislikes Nephrite very much and always taunts him when one of his plans fails, and he was very disappointed once when Nephrite was still in charge. Upon realizing that Nephrite betrayed the Dark Kingdom, he sent three of his monsters after him.

One of them killed Nephrite and took his Black Crystal, though the Sailor Senshi killed his three servants. Zoisite’s official first episode of being the in charge begins after Nephrite's death, where he uses the Black Crystal to locate the people with the seven Rainbow Crystals inside them. He got some of them, however Tuxedo Mask also got some.
Zoisite is killed by Queen Beryl.

Eventually Zoisite challenged Tuxedo Mask to a duel for the Rainbow Crystals, under orders from Queen Beryl to bring him to the Dark Kingdom. Zoisite deliberately disobeyed Queen Beryl by attempting to kill Mamoru Chiba with fire in the elevator (ironically bringing Usagi Tsukino, who was really Sailor Moon, with him by mistake), then stabbing him with an ice crystal, nearly killing him.

When the Rainbow Crystals united into the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Serenity, the Moon princess, and defeated Zoisite with Moon Healing Escalation. Upon his return to the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite was killed by Queen Beryl for his disobedience. He died in Kunzite’s arms as Queen Beryl tells Kunzite to let Zoisite's death be a warning to him if he ever harms Prince Endymion.

In the second last episode of the first season, Zoisite was seen in a flashback of when the Dark Kingdom invaded the Moon Kingdom, standing beside Jadeite, Nephrite, and Kunzite. He was also mentioned by a dying Kunzite, who knew he was about to meet him on the other side.

Both mun and muse are over 18.
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